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Social Campaign 2016


In order to promote Rimowa's upcoming campaign about suitcase design decoration competition, there are three promotional video to demonstrate different possibilities on decorations. Rimowa has invited three KOL starring in the video, including stage actress Kearen Pang, Canton singer Jason Chan and Hong Kong director Adam Wong.

Planning & Execution

Rimowa suitcase is unique, it is not an ordinary suitcase but a part of our daily life representing our personalities. For instance, Jason as a singer, he use his suitcase as a cajon and Adam use his suitcase as a slider. Different people interpret their lives differently and the video shows the possibilities of using the suitcase.

黃修平 Adam Wong

陳柏宇 Jason Chan

彭秀慧 Kearen Pang


Cl: Rimowa
Director - Frank Look, Westley Wong
Producer - Brenda Chan
Music - Alan Kan

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