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Brand Identity, Social Campaign, Videography


‘Suit is dull and unreachable’ is a popular perception among Hong Kong young men. We should blame the media, especially the advertising people. Google ‘suit’ or ‘suit advertisement’, you barely could find any colors other than black and white. Suit ads are dull, suit is dull accordingly. Therefore, the messages of the campaign are: · Gentleman dressing is for everyone. · It is good to be a gentleman. · You can be a gentleman. · Mr. Collection can help you to become a gentleman.

Logo Concept
Planning & Execution

Ads with sexy handsome ‘wax statues’ are way too dull. We invite ordinary people to share what they think towards suits. In each story, a benefit of gentleman dressing is embedded. Also, different combinations of styling is conveyed by the characters themselves. The messages are conveyed in a black-humorous manner.

Results & Effectiveness

· The brand identity is enhanced

· Facebook followers has inreased drastically

· UGC and discussion about the brand are resulted


Print ads

Video campaign

Social media page

Thanks for watching.

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