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Kazy Chan Illustration

Love Post & Draw Three

Illustration Project


Initiated by our team with local illustrator Kazy Chan, we have invited 6 other local illustrator to join an art jamming event 'Draw Three'. In the event, an illustrator was invited to assign 3 topics for the next illustrator as the subject of their creation. The previous topics would accumulate as the game advance, meaning that the last player (artist) would have to create his/her artwork based on the total 18 elements raised by other players.

Planning & Execution

We firstly produced a social video to document and explain the gameplay. In the video, Kazy and the other invited exhibitors were filmed creating the topics, as well as their artwork. The video was spread viral via various social media platform in one-month time. All the fans of the illustrators were subsequently invited to join the creation and more topics were gathered. All the finished art pieces were showcased in the exhibition located at Tai Hang, Hong Kong. Over 1,000 visitors have participated the show within the week.

​Kazy Chan Illustration

​Love Post

Draw Three

Love Post & Draw Three Art Exhibition

Artists: Kazy Chan and Friends

Director - Frank Look 
Producer - Kazy Chan

Copywriter: Westley Wong

Music and SFX: Frank Look

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