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Music Academy

Jacklyn Chan

Brand Identity, Web Identity, Print


The existing brand image is too fresh. Our client hope to have a more professional and contemporary brand identity after re-branding. There are two elements that the client hope to keep: the seed and the note, depicting the vibe and expertise of the school. Website is also to revamped. A cleaner and clearer feeling is hoped to be given.

Logo Concept

Old Logo

Revamped Logo

Planning & Execution

The design would be based on the English name of the academy itself. Musical notes and elements will be employed and it would be English-leading. The design would be emphasizing on the professional side of the brand. The design would be focusing more on the vitality and creativity of the business.


 For the 2 attempts we further developed, olive green, grey and white were chosen as the theme colour for the brand. Olive green is a very comfortab le colour with a contemporary feeling. It matches very well with grey and white to create a professional yet harmonic atmosphere for the brand.



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