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Annual show 2016

Polyu design

Exhibition Design

Project Brief

The PolyU Design Annual Show is a platform for new designers to showcase their test of concepts – prototypes that can be further developed into marketable products and services. Previously known as the School of Design Graduation Show, the PolyU Design Annual Show is in its 9th year since it has been renamed. The vision of the Annual Show is to be the region’s reputable platform for high quality creative concepts that will spark innovation.


The primary objective is to persuade the audience to come to the Annual Show to learn about the journey in design and its prospects – either for further development (collaboration or investment) or for education.


As one of the leading Asian design institutes, PolyU School of Design (SD) emphasizes both in practicality and creativity. PolyU SD provides various specialized design courses for students, namely Advertising Design, Communication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Multi-media Design, Creative Media Design, etc. This highly specialized model of teaching is one of the most unique features of the PolyU SD. We should therefore not overlook any of them.


When talking about the cityscape of Hong Kong, what first flashes to mind would be the clustered Hanzi neon lights on the streets. Having a irreplaceable role on the history of science and innovation, neon undoubtedly represents Hong Kong, also the gist of the AS16 - ‘The journey to innovation is ongoing and is should be a way of life for everyone.’ Taken into account all the aspects, we accordingly proposed Hanzi neon to be the key visual element for AS16. 


We subsequently designed several sets of logotype for the show in the style of single-lined neon sign, as well as all the other subjects in SD. The number ‘9’ has the most important role amongst the numbers in oriental culture. Thus, coming to the 9th PolyU Design Annual Show, a hidden ‘9’ is incorporated into the Chinese characters of PolyU Design (理大設計). 


Light yellow, white and grey are chosen as the branding color for AS16. The light yellow is given out by the neon tube with hydrogen mixture. It specifies the chemistry of different elements and excitement in the process of design. White and grey resemble the shell and the concrete wall of the Innovation Tower designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. Together the 3 colors represents the creative projects happening in the Innovation

Tower. The visual with the 3 branding colors turned out working good with the building.


L.H.P.L Earth off white paper was chosen for the invitation card. Together with the crimping and printing, the invitation card successfully give a concrete wall texture and neon sign feeling. Playing with the card, audiences would feel as if they were stroking the real installation at the building. Treatment on the flipping of the card and the envelop with the identity also added some playfulness to the audiences.



Original Proposal 

Proposal 2A

Proposal 2B (adopted)


Print (Agency Version)

Identity items


3D Installations & Motion Posters/ Graphics

In order to depict the full image of SD with neon, we are also committed to incorporating neon into every sector of the design streams. We stepped forward to experiment 3D installation, rather than traditional 2D posters, on the slope at the main entrance of the Innovation Tower. 3D installation of different subjects are also placed on different floors so as to drive more audiences. It is hoped that the check points could be turned into a ‘check-in hotspot’ on the social media. User generated content would be the most powerful propagation of the event after all. 

AS16 Motion graphic

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